As Hello Car rent a car, our main goal is to provide our guests with the best service and maximum satisfaction. We know that our guests are satisfied with the prerequisite of maintaining our understanding of service based on trust and loyalty, which we have created for 5 years. As the Guest Relations Unit, we take all requests, opinions and expectations of our guests, our company and all our services in writing, follow them and reach a conclusion within a maximum of 2 business days. We also look for ways to further improve the service we provide to our guests through regular surveys. As Hello Car rent a car Guest Relations Unit, our sole purpose is not to solve the complaints from you, but also to ensure “Absolute Customer Satisfaction” and not to receive any complaints. You can send us your criticism and suggestions regarding your rentals and all services through the Guest Request Form.

Our Guest Relations Management Policy

 • The information that your applications have been received is notified to you immediately after you fill in and send the request form.
• Your applications are evaluated as fair, impartial and equal.
• Your personal information is never shared with third parties for any purpose.
• Providing feasible solutions within the framework of company policies and legal procedures; we take maximum care to meet your expectations and protect your rights at all times.
• Evaluates all kinds of feedback from you, improving the quality of our services and our business processes; we adopt a guest-oriented approach by targeting the best.



SECURITY COMMITMENT: All your shopping on Hellocarrental.com is 100% secure with SSL certificate. Your credit card information, which you will use in your payments, will be used in pos processing and is not stored in our system.


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